Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, my practice will resume normal operations from January 2023.
Thank you for your understanding and apologies for any inconvenience.
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Homeopathic Consultations

First Consultation

The first consultation, whether in person or online, will involve a detailed history taking, in order for me to select the most suited remedy closely matching your unique symptom picture. You will be asked to tell the history of your complaints, describing in detail the symptoms you experience and your reactions to them. As your homeopath, I am not merely interested in your physical symptoms but also consider other aspects of your life, such as stress, relationships, traumas, reactions to environmental changes, diet, quality of sleep, personal traits, your past medical history, etc.

This is your time and space to explore and discuss your health concerns, thoughts and feelings. My aim is to listen and to seek to understand you as an individual, both in health and disease in order to prescribe a remedy tailored to you.

All the information provided is treated with respect and in strict confidence.

The initial consultation may last up to two hours. Follow-up appointments may last for up to one hour. They are scheduled according to individual needs but are usually spaced at monthly intervals until you feel an improvement in your health.

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I offer a FREE 15 minute preliminary telephone introduction of Homeopathy to answer your queries.

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